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owner, CNC machine operator

owner, designer

Levi grew up in Skagit Valley, and always finds himself back in the valley even after living away. He has worked on the water for much of his life. When living in Seattle he worked and volunteered at several maritime heritage institutions, and retains that love for old timber. One of the few jobs on land Levi took was working for an aluminum boat manufacturer and learned to weld. With a little old school and a little new school under his belt, he now takes those skills and combines them in his work. 

Hayley has lived in the PNW since 2014, and was raised on the east coast. After living in small spaces [with small kitchens] in Seattle and needing more storage, she got frustrated with the lack of affordable or  thrift furniture that fit her needs, so she and Levi took matters into their own hands and began making small furniture in Levi's family barn to haul back to the city. In leaving the restaurant industry, Hayley now pours her energy into creating things out of wood, and slowly learning to weld from Levi. She also has a knack for helping design spaces that are built to be used and loved. 

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