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maiben                 skagit valley, wa

We are inspired by the things we use and see every day- by their design, functionality, sustainability, and durability. We are committed to being a part of the local economy and community, and have a passion to bring our locally made goods to you.


We find so much joy in the creative process of designing something for and with someone else. Our best work and most innovative ideas are born of our custom projects. It's always something new!

We hope you'll start a conversation with us the next time you are interested in outfitting your new space, market booth, living room, garden, treehouse, boat, tiny home, or camper van. 

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When choosing materials, we put a lot of thought into the purpose, longevity and safety of each component of each product.

We normally use FSC Certified lumber, and actively work to reduce or reuse our scrap wood. 

You will not see plastic in any of our products, and we typically only use water-based finishes that have lower VOCs than oil based finishes and are safe for children and pets.  

CNC Designing

This last year, we built our own CNC machine. This very powerful equipment allows us to accurately design 3D models and drafts, make very precise cuts and be very consistent without wildly increasing labor.
Don't be fooled- while we love computer-aided design, we still find joy and value in hand tools and traditional woodwork.

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"How much will this cost?"

Maiben Fixtures & Furnishings offers a catalog of items that are tried & true, most of them used in our own home. We also offer custom furnishings for your home or business. However, the term "custom work" often scares people away because of the idea that there's a hefty price tag on it.  We are trying to change that.

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